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For more information on this ministry, contact the Parish Office at 708-895-6700

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Art and Environment is a Liturgical Ministry charged with the important task of adorning the Church to create an atmosphere appropriate for each liturgical season. This ministry is under the direction of Brian Kozlowski and Kim Jacobson.

Members of the Art and Environment Ministry set a mood that invites participation in the mystery of the liturgical event. In fulfilling this purpose, we take into account the liturgical seasons, the readings, feast days, and Parish celebrations. Our goals are to use meaningful symbols that foster attention on the actions of the liturgy, to decorate without distracting, and to create new mediums while respecting traditions of the past.

Our History

Members of this ministry donate their time and talent in a variety of ways. Examples include: designing and creating new banners and Altar cloths; organizing storage containers and the storage room; coordinating volunteers for large-scale decorating projects; creating and organizing the overall decorating plan; plant care (watering, pruning, fertilizing); arranging flowers; working with materials; cleanup duties; general chores.


This ministry provides a wonderful opportunity for those seeking volunteer hours; in past seasons Confirmandi earned many service hours working with the team. Confirmandis students can find the form below for Service Hours.

Contact person:
Brian Kozlowski and Kim Jacobson.
Parish Office: 708-895-6700


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