Altar Servers

For more information on this ministry, contact the Parish Office at 708-895-6700


Becoming an Altar Server is not only an honor but an important part in the offering of the Mass. You will be assisting the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist, which is the cornerstone of your faith.

If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server, please discuss it first with your parent(s) or guardian(s), as you will be making a serious commitment. It is no different than being on the basket-ball team, or any other hobby or activity that you participate in. You will be able to indicate your preferred Mass time and any dates that you are unavailable. If you decide you would like to become an Altar Server, please fill out the attached form and drop it off at the Parish Office or in the Collection Basket at Church.

We will contact you with the date for Altar Server Training when it is decided. If you have any questions, please contact

Mrs. Cindy Hope, Altar Server Ministry, at 708-474-2914.

Guidelines for Altar Servers
Thank you for your willingness to serve! Our parish is deeply grateful for your commitment to service at the altar. Your service and dedication are important to our parish. Your role, through your actions and conduct, is to bring the assembly to a fuller understanding of the liturgy and a greater love for God. You have a place of honor at Mass because you assist the priest in many ways. As we are in the presence of Jesus our king, it is both wise and necessary for you to perform all assigned duties with attention, dignity, and reverence.

What is an Altar Server?

  • Through Baptism, we are all called to be a "holy people and royal priesthood" (I Peter 2:9), who's right and privilege it is to participate in Christ's own ministry. How we do so vary from person to person, but the most important way is "conscious, active, and fruitful participation in the mystery of the Eucharist" (GIRM, Intro. 5). Since the Eucharist is the "action of the whole Church" (GIRM, Intro. 5), all of us have an "individual right and duty to contribute" (GIRM, 58). Some are called to do so in a more particular way through liturgical ministries, such as Altar Server, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, or Lector.
  • Since the Eucharist is the most important thing we do as Catholic Christians, the importance of this ministry cannot be over?emphasized. It is an honor and privilege to serve at the altar, assisting the priest in his responsibilities of leading the people in prayer.
  • An Altar Server is a part of Christ's own body, the church, and we work in harmony to glorify God through our service.
  • Altar Servers may be called upon to serve in any number of situations. Specifically envision the Sunday Mass, they also may serve at weekday Mass celebrations, funeral liturgies, Eucharistic Adoration, or any other public worship service in the church.

Who May Serve?
At St Ann Parish, any young person who has received their first holy communion are eligible to serve. We encourage each young lady and gentleman to continue serving through high school, and even to come back during their college breaks. All candidates must attend a training session and have the commitment and ability to perform this role with reverence.
Although the duties of the altar server are many and varied, the most important responsibility of the altar server during Mass is to pray! Before one may serve at the altar, he or she:

  • Must have received first holy communion
  • Have a strong desire to serve the Lord
  • Must be committed to their fellow servers
  • Attend practices and meetings that are scheduled.

An Altar Server's Prayer

Open my mouth, O Lord, to bless your Holy Name.
Cleanse my heart from all evil and distracting thoughts.
Enlighten my understanding and inflame my will
that I may serve more worthily at your Holy Altar.
O Mary, Mother of Christ the High Priest, obtain for me
the most important grace of knowing my vocation in life.
Grant me a true spirit of faith and humble obedience
So that I may ever behold the priest as a representative of God
and willingly follow him in
The Way, The Truth, and the Life of Christ.


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